How to stop Safari on Mac from automatically opening web downloads

When you download files from the internet, like pictures or text documents, do they open automatically? If they do and you would rather open files yourself after downloading them, there’s a simple setting to fix this. Here’s how to stop Safari on Mac from automatically opening your web downloads.

Stop Mac's Safari from opening downloaded files

Stop Safari from automatically opening downloaded files

  1. Open Safari on your Mac and click Safari > Preferences from the top menu bar.
  2. Choose the General tab.
  3. At the bottom of the window, uncheck the box for Open “safe” files after downloading.
Stop Opening Downloads Safari Preferences

You’ll notice below that setting the types of files considered “safe,” which includes movies, pictures, sounds, PDF and text documents, and archives. This does not include software, so if that’s the only type of download you’re concerned about, you might reconsider changing the setting.

By changing one simple setting for Safari on Mac, you can have complete control over your downloads. Open them when you’re ready, or get rid of them if you change your mind.

Is this a Safari setting on Mac that you plan to change? Or maybe you already have and find it useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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