Apple News unveils a Democratic presidential candidate guide

Apple today announced that its News service now features a Democratic presidential candidate guide, a comprehensive resource for everyone who wants to inform themselves about the Democratic presidential candidates this election season.

The guide includes cherry-picked info on each candidate from ABC News, Axios, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, Politico, The Hill, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TIME, USA Today, Vox and other new sources. Content includes candidates’ biographies and experience, notable moments and quotes, positions on key issues, and more.

Lauren Kern, editor-in-chief of Apple News, was quoted as acknowledging that her team has been working hard to offer readers trusted information from quality news sources.

The 2020 Democratic field is complex and we want to offer Apple News readers a trusted place to learn more about candidates they’re familiar with and those they may be hearing about for the first time. The candidate guide in Apple News is a robust and reliable resource, connecting readers to valuable at-a-glance information and to great journalism from our partners.

Like other special features on Apple News, this guide is curated by Apple’s editorial team.

To see the guide, follow this Apple News link.

Around the same time last year, Apple News launched a section dedicated to providing coverage of the US midterm elections with exclusive features like a weekly briefing from Axios.

The News app is currently limited to customers in the US, Canada, Australia and UK but those who live in an unsupported country can easily make it appear on the Home screen by changing regional settings on their device to one of the supported countries, like the United States.

The News app includes an optional $10 per month magazine and newspaper subscription service, called Apple News+, currently limited to customers in the US and Canada.