Apple updates Music Memos app with notch support

In January of 2016, Apple launched an app called Music Memos. It allowed musicians and other creatives to capture song ideas quickly. But, since the app’s launch the company has not updated the app on any kind of regular basis. Here we are in May of 2019 and the app finally officially supports the notch.

Apple has finally updated its near-forgotten Music Memos since September of last year. Apple’s official changelog says that the newest version, 1.0.6, adds “stability improvements and bug fixes” and that’s it. However, the new software also includes support for the notch in the latest iPhone models (iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR).

Apple’s Music Memos app isn’t just for the iPhone, either, as it supports the iPad and iPod touch as well. Here’s how Apple describes the app on its official landing page in the App Store:

Music Memos is the easiest way for songwriters to capture and organize new musical ideas. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to record acoustic guitar, piano, voice, or any musical instrument as high-quality, uncompressed audio. Then name, tag and rate your ideas to start building a library of all your favorite new song parts and riffs. Music Memos automatically detects your tempo, rhythmic feel and chords and lets you instantly hear your musical idea accompanied by a rhythm section with realistic drums and bass.

Before the app was updated in 2018, Apple updated Music Memos back in 2017. Basically, aside from the launch in 2016 and a follow-up update in October of that same year, Music Memos has only been updated once a year. Who knows if that will remain the case this year, as there are still plenty of months available in 2019.

Music Memos has faded into the background since its introduction in 2016. Still, it’s a nice app, especially for musicians who do find they might need to capture some inspiration while on the go.

Have you tried out Music Memos in the past?