How to prioritize app downloads or updates on iPhone

When you’re downloading more than one app at a time on your iPhone, it can seem like it takes forever. You might be setting up a new device and have tons of downloads or let your updates pile up on the App Store and are downloading them at once.

Not all apps take priority when you’re downloading either. You might really want an email app available before a game. Luckily there is a way to speed up downloads or updates for specific apps by prioritizing them, and here’s how.

Speed Up App Download iPhone

Prioritize app downloads on iPhone

Once your app download begins, you can see it on your screen. It’s a bit grayed out, and a circle is spinning. While this is happening, use 3D touch to prioritize it. Touch & hold the app. When the menu pops up, tap Prioritize Download.

Prioritize Download 3D touch

Note: You can also prioritize downloads while updating apps.

You’ll also notice that you can use Pause Download. If you tap this, you can delay the download, and you’ll see that it has a small pause icon on it and shows Paused where the app name would be. This is handy for those apps that you might want to download last. Just tap the app when you’re ready to resume the download.

Paused Download

And, of course, there’s an option to Cancel Download if you change your mind about the app.

This feature isn’t exactly new, but it’s one of those hidden gems that you need to know about to use. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful for your next batch of downloads or updates.

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