New Suave multi-lingual playlist launches on Apple Music

Apple Music provides many, many human and machine-curated playlist that fit every mood, including a playlist of songs from recent Apple commercials, and new ones are coming every now and then. And now, Apple Music subscribers are getting a brand-new multilingual playlist.

According to a report today by Billboard, the playlist is titled Suave and includes mostly R&B songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese from artists like Paloma Mami, Rosalia and others.

Apple Music’s Marissa Gastelum was quoted as saying:

We fell in love with Meli’s ‘Fresh Air’ the moment she played it for us and we knew without a doubt that we had to launch Suave with this song. This is the definitive home for the best of the best in R&B regardless of language.

The playlist premiers today, March 21, on Apple Music in the United States. It will roll out globally tomorrow, March 22. Suave will automatically refresh every Friday.

You can listen to it at

Some of the most popular playlists on Apple Music are getting original cover art.

The Verge recently reported that Apple is in the process of adding original artwork to its own playlists on Apple Music. The redesigned covers are “meant to connect more directly with the communities and the culture for which they were intended,” reads the report.

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As the new art is a visual representation of the underlying music, it should also help the company differentiate itself from rival Spotify and bring instant recognition to its own content.