How to convert a PDF to JPG or PNG on iPhone and iPad

You might need to save PDF as image on iPhone to upload it to services that only accept image files or share easily via chat apps. Whatever the reason may be, converting the pages of a PDF into JPG or PNG is easy. This tutorial shows you three free ways to do that on iPhone or iPad.

Convert PDF to image on iPhone

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1. Use an iOS shortcut to save PDF as image on iPhone


  • Works completely offline on the device
  • Your PDF isn’t uploaded to any server
  • It’s fast to use
  • Completely free
  • Flexibility to convert PDF document to PNG, JPG, GIF, or more

Here’s how to use a simple iOS shortcut to effortlessly convert all pages of a PDF into images and save them to the iPhone Photos app:

1) Use the link to get the free PDF To Image iOS shortcut created by iDB. On iPhone with iOS 15, you won’t have any trouble adding it. On iOS 14 and earlier, allow untrusted shortcuts from the Settings app before tapping the shortcut link.

2) Open the Shortcuts app and from the My Shortcuts section, tap the recently added PDF To Image shortcut.

3) Choose the PDF from the Files app. Tap Browse to see all locations like iCloud Drive, On My iPhone, or other added third-party services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

4) Wait for a few seconds while the shortcut works. You’ll receive a notification when done. Now, open the iPhone or iPad Photos app, and you’ll see all the PDF pages saved as individual images.

PDF To Image iOS Shortcut on iPhone to convert PDF to JPG or PNG

Change the image format

Using the above shortcut, the PDF pages are converted to PNG images. I set it to PNG as PDFs are usually text-based, and PNG format offers crisp texts. If you like, you can edit the shortcut to convert it to JPG, GIF, TIFF, HEIF, or set it to ask each time. Go to the Shortcuts app > My Shortcuts > three dots button for the shortcut > tap PNG image and set some other format or choose to Ask Each Time.

Edit PDF To Image iOS Shortcut

2. Use an app to convert PDF to JPG on iPhone


  • Easy to use
  • Free (up to 4 conversions per day)


  • PDF is uploaded to the app’s server
  • Converts PDF only to JPG (No PNG support)
  • Image is saved to the app and takes an extra step to save to the iPhone Photos app

Here’s how to use iLovePDF to make a PDF into JPG images:

1) Download the iLovePDF app from the App Store and open it.

2) Under Storage categories, tap iLovePDF – In my iPhone.

3) On the next screen, tap the big red plus icon > Files > and choose the PDF from your iPhone Files app.

Add PDF to iLovePDF app

4) Now, tap the three dots icon next to the PDF you just added.

5) Tap Tools.

6) Tap PDF to JPG.

PDF to JPG using iLovePDF on iPhone

7) Make sure Pages to JPG is checked and tap PDF to JPG. All the pages of the PDF are changed to images and saved. Tap Go to Files to see them.

8) From here, you can tap Select > select the images > Share > Save Images to have them in your iPhone’s Photos app.

Save PDF as images on iPhone using the free iLovePDF app

Alternatively, you can also access on a phone or computer web browser for more free PDF to image conversions.

3. Take a screenshot of the PDF to save it as an image


  • Very quick
  • No app or shortcut is needed


  • The screenshot file size is generally huge
  • You may not be able to crop the screenshot for a perfect result
  • Good only for a few PDF pages

I suppose you already know this, but here’s a reminder: If you just want to get one or two specific pages of a PDF as images, do the following:

1) Open the PDF in the Files app or any app where it’s saved. For better results, ensure the app is in full screen and most in-app elements are hidden.

2) Now, take a screenshot by pressing the side + volume up buttons or side + Home buttons.

3) Tap the floating screenshot thumbnail and crop out the unwanted edges to remove the extra elements.

4) Tap Done > Save to Photos. A near-perfect PNG image of the PDF page is now saved to your iPhone Photos app.

Take screenshot of a PDF and save it as image on iPhone

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