How to have Safari on Mac always open with all windows from last session

Safari Settings on Macbook

If you start your day the same way you end it in Safari, then you can make your mornings much simpler. Maybe you begin with the same web-based application, internal intranet, or internet email client that you close Safari with each evening.

You can certainly bookmark those sites or pin them in Safari tabs, but there’s another way. Here’s how to have Safari on Mac open with all the windows from your last session.

Change your Safari settings

Open Safari on your Mac and then follow these simple steps.

1) Click Safari in the menu bar.

2) Select Preferences.

3) Click General in the pop-up window.

4) In the top drop-down box next to Safari opens with, pick All windows from last session.

Safari Open Windows From Last Session Setting

Troubleshooting and an important note

Missing setting

If you do not see the Safari opens with option shown above, you likely have the Close windows when quitting an app setting disabled.

1) In your menu bar, click the Apple icon and select System Preferences.

2) Click General.

3) Towards the bottom, check the box next to Close windows when quitting an app.

Close Windows When Quitting an App Setting

Quitting Safari

If you’re used to closing Safari with the red X on the top left corner of the window, then opening windows from your last session automatically will not work. You must quit Safari instead of closing it.

1) With Safari open, click Safari from the menu bar.

2) Select Quit Safari.

Quit Safari from Menu Bar


If Safari is open in your Dock, you can quit the application from there.

1) Hold the Control key and click on Safari or right-click on Safari with your mouse.

2) Select Quit from the context menu.

Quit Safari from Context Menu

Wrapping it up

There are all sorts of tips for your Mac and iOS devices that make your life just that bit easier and this is a Safari trick that might come in handy for you. Are you going to give it a try or do you prefer to use bookmarks or pinned tabs for your regularly-opened sites instead?