Luna Display arrives, uses iPad as a true wireless display for Mac with HiDPI & no lag

the Luna Display accessory turns any iPad into a true, wireless display for your Mac or another computer

Luna Display by Astro HQ is available to the public starting today following their rather successful Kickstarter campaign. This cool accessory, as we noted in our preview, is a lag-free solution to turn your iPad into a secondary display for your Mac desktop or notebook.

Instead of using glitchy display-mirroring apps, Luna is your hardware-accelerated HiDPI zero-lag wireless display with impeccable image quality.

They have been in a stealth launch mode since the summer to test their fulfillment flow and now the accessory is finally available to the public for $79.99. Your purchase of the adapter entitles you to use Luna’s Astropad apps for Mac and iPad free of charge.

Luna Display adapter

Luna Display comes in two flavors: USB-C and Mini DisplayPort

While these Astropad apps mirror your Mac display, Luna Display extends it and takes advantage of hardware acceleration to vastly improve your experience. Plug the tiny adapter into a Mac’s Mini DisplayPort or USB-C and your iPad becomes a secondary display which doubles as a graphics tablet you can draw on in Mac apps.

Luna Display supports multitouch Mac gestures

The accessory supports multitouch Mac gestures like pinch-zooming

It works like apps such as Duet Display, but is a lot faster due to Metal 2-accelerated graphics that makes scrolling, moving windows around and other interactions virtually lag-free. The accessory sets up in seconds and instantly works with your existing Wi-Fi.

Check out our hands on video with an early prototype of the Luna Display.

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Luna Display supports multitouch gestures, like two fingers to scroll or pinch to zoom, as well as HiDPI so you get exceptionally sharp images in apps. Another cool feature no one else has thought up: to swoosh Luna’s hidden menu into view, just tap your iPad’s front camera!

Luna Display uses iPad camera as a “button”

Your iPad camera doubles as a “button” for accessing Luna’s main menu

The app notices the change in light and opens the menu with things like the current battery for your Mac and iPad, brightness and screen arrangement and more.

You can even connect a keyboard to your iPad and work with it directly.

Note that the device won’t work with any USB-C or Mini DisplayPort adapter (Apple’s included). To guarantee reliable performance, the accessory must be plugged directly into a Mac.

To purchase your Luna Display, visit the official website.