Duet Display brings even more desktop power to your iPad drawing experience

Duet Display, an app billed as the first solution to turn your Apple tablet into a second display and a high-performance drawing tablet for your Mac or Windows PC, was updated on App Store today with some new features.

The new Duet Display now lets you have the drawing experience on your iPad with the speedy rendering and sheer hardware power of a desktop.

The update brings out a number of enhancements and new customizations, including a customized pressure curve, advanced gesture support, a more fluid drawing experience, improved color quality and more.

Here are the key highlights in this release of Duet Display:

  • Customized pressure curve—You can now change the way macOS or Windows receives the data, allowing for a personalized drawing experience.
  • Advanced gestures—We have added a lot of gestures to both standard and pro users. This should make drawing and using your iPad as the primary device much simpler.
  • Line lead—To provide a faster drawing experience, we have spent some time making a line preview to predict where the Pencil is before macOS or Windows knows where it is. We plan to continue improving this to create an instant drawing experience.
  • Touch Bar—We implemented Touch Bar support last Christmas. Pro users have really benefitted the most as they are using their iPad more than their computer, so it makes quick interactions much faster. We have improved the stability and speed of it, and many more apps support Touch Bar now.
  • Improved color quality—We have improved rendering quality and speed for pro users under the Pixel Perfect setting, delivering a higher quality display in less time. We plan to continue improving performance as much as we can.

Duet Display works over a USB connection as wired connections are significantly faster and far more responsive than wireless solutions. The app’s speedy rendering engine has a much lower latency than Apple’s AirPlay technology.

Duet Display has proven to be very valuable to artists, designers and video editors as it essentially replaces a Wacom drawing tablet with your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The app supports finger drawing, too.

Aside from drawing support, Duet Display can be used to turn your iPad into a second screen for your Mac or Windows PC. For instance, you could use your iPad Pro to keep tabs on your social media feeds while editing a document on your Mac’s primary display.

The ability to turn a supported iOS device an external monitor for a Mac should be especially handy while you’re traveling or if you cannot afford an eternal display for your computer.

Duet Display for iOS is a $19.99 value on App Store.

To celebrate today’s update, the app is on sale today for $9.99.

A pro-level upgrade which unlocks the ability to use your Apple tablet as a drawing tablet for your computer costs an additional $19.99 per year as an in-app subscription.

Duet Display 2.0 for Mac or Windows is available directly from the official website.