New Apple videos promote Apple Pay Cash: “just text them the money”

Apple yesterday uploaded four new videos to its official YouTube channel that promote Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer variant of the Apple Pay mobile payment service.

The ads run 15 seconds each, use no voiceover or background music and wrap up with the tagline “just text them the money”. The videos are based on the Messages app screen recordings that showcase sending money using the Apple Pay Cash iMessage app.

And here they are.

Lost Shirt




With Apple Pay Cash, users are able to send and request money with Apple Pay right in the stock Messages app. Apple Pay, as you know, lets you pay for purchases made in stores, online and in apps.

Apple Pay recently expanded to Norway and may be coming to Austria later this year.

Apple Pay Cash launched in the United States with iOS 11.2 in December 2017 through a partnership with Green Dot Bank. The service is currently unavailable in other markets.

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