How to enable quiet notifications on iPhone and relax your day away

Deliver Quietly

It’s not always ideal to get iPhone notifications. Luckily, Apple makes it easier to manage these notifications on the fly. In doing so, you can reduce interruptions throughout your day by using a tool called Deliver Quietly.

Take control of your notifications

With the Deliver Quietly feature in iOS, there’s a third choice for handling notifications. Before, you had to decide whether to turn them on or off. Now, you can allow notifications to show up in Notification Center, but not elsewhere such as on your device’s Lock screen. The tool also removes the notifications from showing in banners and playing sound.

Interesting, Deliver Quietly isn’t a feature you’ll find in the Settings app Notifications. Instead, it’s located either on your Lock screen or through Notification Center.

Deliver quietly

1) To get started, you must first find an active notification. You can look for one on the Lock screen or by opening Notification Center by sliding down with your finger from the top of your device.

Notifications Quiet

2) Once you find a notification, swipe from right to left on the notification and then select Manage.

3) Tap Deliver Quietly.

4) Repeat steps 1 through 3 for other notifications.

In the example above, all notifications from the Microsoft News app are now being delivered quietly.

Turn off notifications

You can also turn off notifications from the Lock screen or Notification Center by repeating step 2 above and then

1) Tap Turn Off …

2) Select Turn Off All Notifications.

Notifications Turn Off

2) Repeat to turn off other notifications.

In the example above, notifications for the IFTTT app have been turned off.

Turn off quiet delivery

To reverse quiet delivery, you’ll need to:

1) Select Manage under the notification.

Delivery Prominently

2) Instead of tapping Deliver Quietly, you’ll notice the choice has changed to Deliver Prominently. Select to set.

The example above shows the option to Deliver Prominently the Microsoft News app, which was swiped to Deliver Quietly in a previous step.

Add Notifications, again

You can manage all notifications by visiting the Notifications option in the Settings app. This is where you can reverse notifications that were previously turned off.

Easy, worthwhile feature

The Delivery Quietly feature is useful during those times you need to concentrate. Play around with it and see how you can customize it for your workflow.