Apple debuts a solid new ad campaign focused on the Mac

Apple debuted the new “Behind the Mac” advertising campaign

Apple yesterday debuted a brand new advertising campaign titled “Behind the Mac” and focused on its computers, launching a series of videos that highlight individual stories by creators who have used Macs to “make something wonderful.”

The Cupertino firm kicked off the new advertising campaign with a quartet of commercials uploaded to its official YouTube channel. The videos carry the tagline “Behind the Mac” and feature various creators, including photographer and disability advocate Bruce Hall, Music artist Grimes and Rwanda-based app developer Peter Kariuki.

Watch the ads embedded right below.

Behind the Mac — Apple

“Behind the Mac people are making wonderful things and so could you.”

Song: “Story of an Artist” by Daniel Johnston

Behind the Mac — Peter Kariuki

“Entrepreneur and app developer Peter Karikui coded SafeMotos on his Mac. The app connects passengers with safe motorcycle taxi drivers across Rwanda.”

Behind the Mac — Grimes

“Using a Mac as a portable recording studio allows Grimes to make music on her own terms.”

Song: “that’s what the drugs are for” by Grimes

Behind the Mac — Bruce Hall

“As a photographer who is legally blind, Bruce Hall edits and retouches photos behind his Mac. With the help of accessibility features, Bruce can see the world around him.”

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I thought that was a very sold ad campaign.

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