Apple Music passes 50 million paid and trial subscriptions combined

Apple Music has passed 50 million paid and free trial accounts combined.

The fresh new data point was revealed by none other than CEO Tim Cook during his interview with Bloomberg Television earlier this morning.

The previous milestone was revealed about a month ago when Cupertino’s music-streaming service passed 40 million paying accounts and eight million people on a 90-day free trial.

By comparison, Spotify had 75┬ámillion paying subscribers as of March 31, 2018 and a combined 170┬ámillion listeners if you add up everyone on Spotify’s free ad-driven tiers.

While the Cupertino technology giant still has to cover a lot of ground before it will be in a position to overtake Spotify, Apple Music has been growing slowly but surely and is now projected to match or surpass Spotify before year-end.

It would be unfair to Spotify not to mention that Apple Music has the key advantage of being heavily promoted and seamlessly integrated into Apple’s ecosystem.

Thanks in part to the strong rise of Apple Music subscriptions, Apple’s managed to rake in a whopping $9.1 billion revenue in services revenue last quarter, a 31% year-over-year boost.

Which service is better, Spotify or Apple Music, do you think?

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