Apple Music surpasses 40 million paid subscribers

Apple Music has surpassed 40 million paid subscribers, according to Apple content director Steven Huon. That’s up at least 2 million from the latest number shared on March 12 by SVP Eddy Cue, during a SXSW conference.

UPDATE: It cannot be established that Steven Huon even worked for Apple or at least his Twitter handle @StevenHuon cannot be traced back to former or current Apple employees. That said, extrapolating the growth of Apple Music does suggest that the music-streaming service is probably approaching 40 million paid subscribers by now.

Huon, who is based in Paris and helps Apple find premium content, typically tweets tidbits regarding the company in a more cryptic manner. But the image he posted this morning, which we’ve posted above, is anything but mysterious.

Apple Music launched in June of 2015. Built from the remains of the acquired Beats Music, the streaming service pitched itself as a highly tailored app with exclusives and other premium content from top artists like Drake and Chance.

Today’s news comes just a day after Spotify went public, where it was valued at roughly $30 billion. Spotify enjoys a paid subscriber base of 71 million, and is seen as the leader in the music streaming space, with Apple in a close second.

Source: Twitter