Moonshot, Workout Sessions, Portrait Mode Plus, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a new app for jotting down and following through with ideas, a workout tracker, and a Portrait Mode enhancer. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Moonshot is an app built by creators, for creators—it helps you start, plan and make your idea a reality. Create projects, jot down your ideas, track your progress, set and complete milestones, and more. The app was designed with iPhone X in mind, and it supports both 3D Touch and Spotlight Search. Moonshot is available for $2.99.

Workout Sessions

Workout Sessions lists and analyzes your workouts (From the Health App) and also allows you to check-in at your gym. It even combines your workouts that you executed at the gym to form a gym session. The app supports all types of workouts and running and cycling workouts are displayed on a map (if data is available). The UI looks incredible and if you’re someone who likes to keep track of their workouts, this app looks like it’s worth checking out. Workout Sessions is available for free.

Portrait Mode Plus

Portrait Mode Plus brings a new level of control to your existing Portrait Mode photos taken in iOS 11. The app allows you to adjust the focal point of existing photos, change the level of blur in an image, highlight select portions of an image, color and de-color parts of an image, and even blend new backgrounds or foregrounds into an image. I know there are already some similar apps out there, and yes the app does require an iOS 11 device that supports portrait mode, but if you meet the criteria, it’s worth checking out. Portrait Mode Plus is available for $1.99.

It’s Full of Sparks

When the spark of life is lit, the countdown begins. It’s Full of Sparks is a beautiful platforming experience about the life of a firecracker. Embark on a journey to find The Old One, a mythical firecracker whose fuse has never been lit. Explore over 80 unique, hand crafted levels, enjoy the lively original soundtrack, and master the ability to switch colors, jump, fly, climb, dodge and more. It’s Full of Sparks is available for free (with some IAPs).


Build your JYDGE. Enter Edenbyrg. Get out alive. JYDGE is a lawful but awful roguehate top-down shooter where you get to build your own cybernetic JYDGE and eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. Create your own play-style by augmenting your JYDGE, modifying your Gavel rifle, and choosing fearless companions to suit the tasks at hand. You can of course unlock new equipment and other content, and there are over a billion possible combinations in customizing the game. JYDGE is available for $4.99.

More apps to check out