How to get Extra Lives on HQ

how to get HQ Extra Lives

There is no room for approximation in HQ. If you answer a question incorrectly, you are eliminated. However, if you have some social clout and have used your referral code, you might get a few HQ Extra Lives from that, but these usually don’t come by that easy.

Surprisingly, there is an easy way to get HQ Extra Lives without having to refer people to the game. Someone shared this totally legit hack with me last week, although it’s apparently been known for a while.

If you already know it, then congrats! If you don’t, let me tell you how it works and how you can get going with the game, even if you answered that savage question incorrectly.

The easy way to get HQ Extra Lives

As explained above, this doesn’t require anybody to sign up using your referral code. Instead, it just requires two fingers and a few seconds of your time.

Simply launch the HQ app and go to the main screen (the one showing your username, balance, and weekly rank). Once there, swipe up repeatedly on the screen with two fingers. You’re going to see the red Extra Lives heart icon grow in size until you get an additional life.

How many times do you need to swipe up? Quite frankly, I haven’t counted but it seems that you need to do it a dozen times or so.

Can I do that as many times as I want? No, it appears you can do that only once a day, possibly once every few days. You can’t get multiple Extra Lives in a given day.

Am I cheating? No, you aren’t cheating. The developers of HQ put this Easter egg there on purpose.

Why is your username SenastienPage? That’s because I rushed into my HQ signup process and realized later I had made a typo in my own name. Yes, I know, it’s dumb.

Are you Scott? No, these are just wild rumors. Or are they?

Give this little hack a try for yourself and see how you can get HQ Extra Lives pretty easily.