Augment the About page in your iPhone’s Settings app with System Info

If you didn’t already know, you could navigate to Settings → General → About on your iPhone or iPad to discover a plethora of statistics about your device. Nevertheless, Apple limits what you can see and do here.

To change that, iOS developer ARX8x launched a new free jailbreak tweak called System Info. It expands upon the existing out-of-the-box statistics and also adds handy new features to the About page.

More info at a glance

If you’re interested to see what System Info can do for you, then have a look for yourself:

If it’s not already evident from our illustrations, the tweak essentially multiplies the quantity of information you can view regarding your device. We’ve hidden some info for privacy reasons, but we’ve left their labels so you can discern what the hidden values are.

Among the things System Info adds to your iOS device’s About page are:

  • Public IP
  • Root partition capacity
  • Rear camera serial number
  • Front camera serial number
  • Gyroscope model
  • Accelerometer model
  • Compass model
  • Pressure sensor model
  • ECID in hexadecimal
  • Unique device identifier (UDID)
  • Hardware platform/BoardConfig
  • Regulatory model number/A-number
  • Battery capacity left
  • Battery serial number
  • Battery charge cycle count
  • Charger current (drawing)
  • Charger specs (volts, amps, watts)
  • Current uptime
  • CPU
  • Application processor name
  • Kernel version
  • iBoot version
  • Wi-Fi firmware version
  • Baseband chipset

While some of this data could be superfluous for an average user, I think that power users and iOS tinkerers alike will quickly embrace the supplementary readouts. Personally, I’ve grown fond of the battery charge cycle count, CPU type, and unique device identifier spaces right off the bat, but your favorites may vary.

If you should ever need to copy some of the data from your About page, just tap and hold on something to reveal a ‘Copy’ button, like so:

Although you presumably won’t copy too much from this page, there are a few scenarios where this feature might be beneficial:

  • When a developer asks for your device UDID to activate a jailbreak tweak license for your device
  • When you need your IMEI number info for carrier-related business
  • And the list goes on…

If a data readout doesn’t make sense to you, then you can tap and hold on it to expose a short description, like so:

Save your SHSH blobs locally

Another advantageous feature of the System Info tweak is the ability to save SHSH files for your device. To do that, just swipe left on the “ECID” cell to unveil a blue “Save SHSH” button:

Tapping this button requests your SHSH files from Apple. They get saved to your device after a few moments so that you can back them up, just in case iOS downgrading ever becomes mainstream again.

The default file location they get saved to is /var/mobile/SHSH/(insert SHSH file name here). You can navigate to this folder through iFile or Filza to interact with the SHSH files later on, or you can share them directly through an iOS share sheet at the time of saving.

The developer warns us all not to ‘spam’ the SHSH requesting mechanism, as doing so could impact on your (and everyone else’s) ability to request SHSH files in the future.

To see a quick demo of how this works, refer to the developer’s YouTube video below:

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A great tweak? Yes. Undoubtedly yes.

At first glance, System Info looks like it merely augments the About page of your jailbroken device. On the other hand, it does so much more than that, and we’d recommend checking it out for yourself.

System Info can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and works on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

There are no options to configure, but make sure to force-close the Settings app from the App Switcher and restart it after installation to ensure that the tweak takes effect.

Do you like what System Info brings to the table? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!