Apple discontinues Intel-based MacBook Air, other models still available with Intel chips

With its new M1 laptop chip and related hardware updates to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, Apple has now stopped selling MacBook Air configurations with Intel processors in order to focus exclusively on the new models that are powered by the M1 chip. As for the Mac mini and MacBook Pro, some Intel-based configurations continue to be offered by Apple.

Ryan Petrich’s new Powercuff tweak can extend your iPhone’s battery life

Most people are supremely familiar with the iPhone’s native Low Power Mode setting, which can be toggled from Control Center or Settings to reduce the handset’s power draw and extend its battery life in specific situations. But what if you could do more to extend your battery life further?

Famed iOS developer Ryan Petrich was doing a bit of digging into iOS 13 when he happened upon some peculiar settings buried deep within the mobile operating system’s resources. According to Petrich, these settings can benefit the end user by reducing power draw on the handset’s battery, and so he released a new and free jailbreak tweak called Powercuff to bring these options into the light for anyone with a pwned handset: