After releasing iOS 15 to the general public, Apple stops signing iOS 14.8

Downgrade iOS 15

A couple of Mondays ago, Apple officially released iOS & iPadOS 15 to the general public with a slew of new features for Apple’s mobile device lineup following an extensive beta period throughout the Summer months.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple’s move to launch a new firmware version for its platforms has now been complemented with the unsigning of the previously current firmware — iOS & iPadOS 14.8.

Apple no longer signing iOS 14.6 following the launch of iOS 14.7 (& iOS 14.7.1)

Following a lengthy beta testing period involving developers and volunteer participants, Apple officially released iOS & iPadOS 14.7 to the public last week with a long list of new features and improvements for iPhones and iPads alike. But no software update from Apple comes without the bitter aftertaste.

Just as Apple always does after releasing a major software update, the company closed the signing window for iOS & iPadOS 14.6, which makes it substantially more difficult for iPhone and iPad users to downgrade to the older firmware version if they’ve already updated the device(s) to iOS or iPadOS 14.7, or perhaps the newer yet iOS or iPadOS 14.7.1.

How to save .shsh2 blobs on A12+ devices

With the introduction of the A12 chip, Apple strengthened the security around generating nonces, saving blobs, and restoring in general. The basic process remains the same, but due to a feature called nonce-entanglement (yes, really), there are a few extra hoops we need to jump through to save valid blobs. This tutorial will show you how to do so.

How to save your .shsh2 blobs online with TSS Saver

If you want to use futurerestore to restore your Apple devices to unsigned firmwares, you will need to have .shsh2 blobs saved for the firmware you want to restore to. Jailbreakers often want to move to an unsigned firmware in order to use a jailbreak there, when newer signed firmwares do not have one. All jailbreakers should save blobs for all their devices periodically in order to have the option of using futurerestore in the future. This guide will go through how to use the online TSS Saver tool to get the .shsh2 blobs you need.

Chimera v1.3.7 released with updated generator support for A12(X) devices on latest firmwares

The Electra Team has dropped an updated version of the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool on Tuesday, bringing the public release up to version 1.3.7.

Citing the official announcement, which was shared early this morning via the Electra Team’s official Twitter account, this update implements support for getting and setting nonce generator on A12(X) devices running iOS 12.1.3-12.2 and 12.4:

How to save blobs for the Apple TV 4K

Update: This guide is now outdated, and simpler methods are available. We recommend that Apple TV 4K users now do Step 2) of this guide to find their ECID, and then use our simpler guide on saving blobs with TSS Saver instead. This guide will remain up for advanced users, who may still want to use it to save beta blobs, or incremental blobs which are not saved by TSS Saver.

Hacker demos untethered jailbreak running on iPhone 5 with iOS 10.2.1

The jailbreak community has been anything but quiet lately. We’ve seen things ranging from jailbreaking the new flagship iPhone XS Max, to updating untethered bootrom exploits for the legacy iPhone 3GS, to releasing a new jailbreak tool for firmware 1.1 on the original iPod touch; and now, something else of interest has surfaced.

In a curious video shared by YouTube user doras2 over the weekend, we discern what appears to be a fully-untethered jailbreak running on a 32-bit iPhone 5 handset with iOS 10.2.1 installed on it:

Cross-platform SHSH blob-saving tool blobsaver updated to version 2.2 with improvements

Good practice for any jailbreaker is to save your handset’s SHSH blobs regularly. Doing so opens you up to the possibility of firmware downgrades and other fruitful benefits concerning jailbreaking.

A whole host of SHSH blob-saving tools exist today, including blobsaver. The latter is a cross-platform GUI app that promises ease of use across common operating systems like macOS, Windows, and even Linux.

Last chance to downgrade iOS and tvOS, and save blobs for a jailbreak!

Update: tvOS 11.1 and iOS 11.1.2 are now unsigned.


New exploits for iOS 11.1.2  and below have made the possibility of upcoming jailbreaks very real. However, without the proper preparation, you could be left in the cold, without blobs to restore, or on the wrong firmware. Also, not everyone should update, so you need to be sure it's for you. Let's go through the options.

How to downgrade 32-bit devices using futurerestore + libipatcher

As the 32-bit devices have been a little neglected of late, long in the tooth as they are, this new release could help to spice things up a little. Developer tihmstar has updated his futurerestore tool, which we've reported on extensively in the past, with an interesting piece of legacy support.

It now includes all the functionality of the Odysseus downgrade tool, allowing users to levy their saved blobs to upgrade, downgrade, or restore their devices to unsigned firmware, hassle-free. In this guide, we'll show you how.

Last chance to save blobs for, or restore to, iOS 10.3.1

The signing window for iOS 10.3.1 could close any moment now, with iOS 10.3.2 released and iOS 10.3.3 in beta already, so this is your last chance to save your blobs for iOS 10.3.1, to upgrade to it from a lower firmware, or to downgrade to it from iOS 10.3.2+.

iOS 10.3.1 isn't currently jailbroken, and being on that firmware is in no way a guarantee of a jailbreak. However, you never know what'll happen, and there have been some stirrings, so act now! Take necessary precautions before signing ends.