Google Photos now groups pet images, creates suggested photo books

Google’s Photos app for iPhone and iPad was updated on App Store with a pair of new features: recognizing pets and creating suggested photo books from your best moments.

Google says that version 3.7 of the Photos app takes advantage of computer vision and machine learning to automatically group photos with your pets on them. You can then label your cat or dog and search for it by name, like you do with people.

Google adds that you can even search by breed to see photos of your Poodle or Maine Coon or search using a cat or dog emoji.

Pictures of your cats and dogs are grouped alongside people, making it easier to create albums, movies or even a photo book of your pet.

This feature is rolling out in most countries today.

Check the Assistant view in the app to see if they’ve made a movie starring your pet. The app’s built-in movie editor was also updated with six pet-inspired songs to choose from.

Apple’s stock Photos app in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra provides more than a dozen new Memory types that can now recognize things like pets, babies, weddings and sporting events.

Additionally, Google Photos version 3.7 also brings out a nice-to-have which automatically creates suggested photo books from your best moments, like trips, kids and more.

Google Photos is a free download from App Store.