Introducing SaneBox: focus on important emails without missing a thing [sponsored]

Filtering less important emails, newsletters and other unwanted messages out of your inbox is a daunting task. Even with all the smart features found in modern email clients, triaging your inbox manually is a time-consuming process. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop worrying about missing important emails?

With SaneBox, you can.

This subscription-based service plugs into your existing email account(s), using powerful algorithms to filter unimportant email out of your inbox so you can focus on what matters.

According to the company, an average SaneBox customer saves more than twelve hours per month by not having to manually filter unimportant messages out of their inboxes.

The fine folks over at SaneBox have partnered up with iDownloadBlog to bring an exclusive $25 credit for new users who sign up through this special link.

Best of all, your important emails are auto-summarized in an interactive digest once per day (or more often if you want) where you can quickly bulk-process them, view your latest unimportant emails, upcoming reminders and more.

This is the way email should be.

SaneBox prioritizes your inbox and pings you if an email didn’t receive a reply. It can keep track of reminders and snoozed emails, rescue real email from the spam folder, upload attachments to cloud-storage service of your choosing and much, much more.

The company’s pitch is simple: “SaneBox is like a super-smart assistant who’s been with you for years and knows what’s important to you.” Being an online service, SaneBox is accessible anywhere you read your email: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, Apple Mail, Outlook, iPhone, Android and so forth.

There’s nothing to install or download, SaneBox just adds a folder to your email.

As you’d expect, de-emphasizing less urgent emails that you want to read later is a cinch: simply snooze a message until tomorrow, next week, next month or any time.

Snoozed messages go into a dedicated folder, which helps filter out all the noise from your inbox. Check it once per day for an at-a-glance overview of the not-so-important emails.

Oh, and you can set up SaneBox to snooze emails automatically until your vacation is over. But first, watch how SaneBox works in the promotional video embedded below.

SaneBox brings many other productivity features to the table.

The Sane Archive folder is where you’ll find your oldest emails. What about the emails you sent which haven’t been replied to? Easy you n find those in the SaneNoReplies folder. This makes it incredibly easy to follow up on any important threads and quickly identify all the deadbeats that didn’t reply to your emails.

And to help ensure nothing falls through the cracks, SaneBox can ping you if someone doesn’t respond to your message. This is a great way to send an email reminder to your future self. You can set your reminders to repeat hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

SaneBox integrates with popular services like Dropbox, Evernote, Box and others.

Thanks to cloud integration, SaneBox can upload attachments to an online service of your choosing, helping you get rid of those bulky attachments sitting in your email account.

Those pesky newsletters and personal cold sales emails are automatically filed into the SaneBlackHole folder. If you receive about a hundred BlackHoled emails per week, SaneBlackHole will be a major time saver and you’ll no longer be bothered to see those annoying messages in your inbox.

The best thing about SaneBlackHole is the ability to instantly unsubscribe from unwanted marketers, mailing lists and newsletters with a single click. And with the SaneCC folder, you can bulk-review any “FYI” emails where you’re not in the TO: line.

Of course, SaneBox lets you create custom folders and even train emails that go there.

You can train a custom folder for emails currently in other folders, as well as future emails. The system will remember which contacts should go to your custom folder in the future.

Last but not least, with SaneConnect you can search any domain name to find colleagues who have relationships at the company. After finding the person you were looking for, request an introduction with a single click.

Privacy-minded users should rest assured that SaneBox never takes possession of their emails—the service only analyzes email headers to determine what’s important. In other words, your emails never leave your server.

The service offers several tiers, ranging from $7 per month for one email address to $12 per month for two email addresses to the $36 per month tier, which gives you the ability to plug up to four different email accounts into SaneBox. All plans include the SaneLater, SaneArchive, SaneConnect and SaneNoReplies features.

SaneBox works on top of your existing email set up. There’s no need to create a new email account, download an app or change your email routine. While the initial SaneBox purge can take some time, depending on the size of your inboxes and the number of messages across your email account, once it completes you’ll be manage your emails daily with ease.

To take advantage of the free $25 credit, sign up for SaneBox now and start cleaning up your inbox in minutes, not hours or days.

To sign up for a free trial, visit the SaneBox website. SaneBox is risk-free, meaning cancelling the service instantly returns your inbox to the way it was before.

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