Watch new Earth Day video Apple shared at Sustainable Brands conference

Apple celebrated Earth Day 2017 by announcing a partnership with World Wildlife Fund, promoting environmentally-focused apps on App Store and posting cartoonish videos on YouTube detailing its efforts to preserve our environment for generations to come.

Today, more than a month after Earth Day took place, it shared another Earth Day video on YouTube, titled “Does my iPhone believe in incarnation?” and featuring its recycling robot Liam.

The clip was created to celebrate Apple’s attendance at Sustainable Brands 2017, a Detroit conference where Sarah Chandler, Apple’s Director of Operations and Environmental Initiatives, discussed Apple’s plan to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain.
“Lisa Jackson, Apple’s lead on Environment work, and our recycling robot Liam will make you believe,” reads the video’s description. “Lisa and her team explain it all, while Liam disassembles your iPhone 6 so those parts can find new life.”

Bt taking apart used products, Apple is able to recycle rare earth materials and other valuable metals and send them back to its supply chain for further processing to be eventually reused in the production of components for new products.

According to the video, L.I.A.M. stands for “Liberate. iPhone. Auto-Disassembly. Machine”

Question: why does the video briefly show Tim Cook holding a bunny?