How to navigate Safari tabs with your Mac keyboard

Many moons ago, we put Safari on Mac through its paces and showcased ten must-know keyboard shortcuts for faster operation. As of today, all of these tips are still relevant and at any rate worth a second look to improve your Safari efficiency or just freshen up your memory.

The first tip on this list was about how to switch between Safari tabs with a keyboard shortcut. As basic as it sounds, we thought we’d highlight this tip once again because it can be a real game changer if Safari is your browser of choice. Plus, we’re adding another keyboard shortcut for quick tab switching!

Keyboard shortcuts for switching Safari tabs on Mac

At the time, two options for faster switching between open tabs were discussed.

1) Hold Shift+⌘Command and press the right or left arrow key.

2) Control+Tab or Control+Shift+Tab to cycle through your tabs.

These will still cut the mustard, however there’s another trick which so far flew under the radar: 

it serves a similar purpose, but is arguably even quicker. Switch directly from one tab to another with the help of only two keys.

3) Hold down ⌘Command + press 1-9 on your numeric keypad. The numbers on your keypad will correspond with the order and count of the tabs currently active.

In other words, want to jump to the first tab open in your browser? Hit ⌘+1! Need the fourth tab next? Hit ⌘+4, and so on. The main advantage of the method is self evident. That is, you have eliminated the need to cycle through each single tab in order to get to your destination. Instead, you now get to immediately jump from your current tab past all the idle ones, directly to wherever you need to be next.


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