Minecraft’s upcoming update will let creators sell their skins, mini-games, textures & worlds

Minecraft developers announced on their blog today that a community Marketplace feature is coming soon to the mobile Minecraft: Pocket Edition game via an upcoming Discovery update. Marketplace will let Minecraft players and creators sell their custom skins, mini-games, textures, worlds and more.

At launch, Marketplace will offer content created by well-known community members, including Noxcrew, BlockWorks, Qwertyuiop The Pie, Blockception, Sphax, Eneija Silverleaf, Imagiverse, Polymaps and Razzleberry Fox.

“The idea is to give Minecraft creators another way to make a living from the game, allowing them to support themselves in the creation of ever-greater projects, while giving Pocket and Windows 10 players access to a growing catalogue of fun stuff—curated and supplied by us, safely and simply,” reads the post.

Like before, players can download free community creations for the game, too.

They’re also introducing Minecraft Coins, an in-game currency that can be used to buy and access community content across devices using an Xbox Live account. With Minecraft Coins, creators can set flexible prices and take their share of what they sell.

“It’s super important to us that this is the biggest chunk of the profit: when a cool skin or map gets purchased, the app store platforms take a 30 percent cut, but creators get the majority after that,” developers noted.

They’re currently talking with platform partners like Apple “about how to make this happen.” A public beta on Android, due in mid-April, will test Minecraft Coins.

For more info on how to apply, visit developer.microsoft.com/minecraft.

As mentioned, the Marketplace feature will launch as part of Minecraft’s upcoming Discover update, which is scheduled to hit later this Spring.

Aside from other features, the Discovery update let players hunt secret stashes of loot with cartographer’s maps, venture into the menacing woodland mansions and journey beyond the veil of life and return once more with the Totem of Undying.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS is $6.99 on App Store.

Source: Minecraft blog