Facebook adds Snapchat-style effects and auto vanishing Stories to its mainland app

As expected, Facebook on Tuesday announced that the camera feature in its mobile app for iPhone and iPad has been totally revamped with Snapchat-style filters and effects. Yes, they also added auto-vanishing Stories. Facebook’s already cloned these Snapchat-esque features on the Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger apps, all of which include similar creative tools for your photos and videos.

Facebook camera gets a facelift

To access the new camera in Facebook’s mobile app, tap its icon in the top-left or swipe right on your News Feed. There, you can take photographs and videos using various masks, apply a selection of interactive filters and reactive effects and more.

“Our goal is for the camera to be a home to hundreds of dynamic and fun effects that give you new ways to connect with friends, family and your community,” said the firm.

According to Facebook, reactive effects let you interact with dynamic objects like falling snow. For videos, you have style effects that apply an artistic filter in real time, “letting you turn your everyday selfie into a Picasso-style work of art.”

Over the coming months, they plan to introduce new ways for the Facebook community to create their own frames and effects that can be used on any photo or video.

To celebrate the new camera in its iPhone and Android apps, Facebook partnered with select brands and advertisers who have provided filters for upcoming movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, “Alien: Covenant”, “Power Rangers”, “Smurfs: The Lost Village”, “Despicable Me 3” and “Wonder Woman”.

Facebook has promised to update these filters with fun new effects to explore.

Say hello to Stories on Facebook

Much like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, you can now use Stories on Facebook.

With Stories, you pick one or more photos and/or videos, add captions and effects and post them as your Facebook Story as part of a visual collection atop News Feed. Stories automatically disappear from the app forever after 24 hours.

To add to your Story, tap the Your Story icon in the Stories bar at the top of News Feed.

Stories won’t appear on your Timeline or in News Feed unless you post them there, too. You can post your Stories publicly or share them with cherry-picked Facebook friends using a new Direct feature.

Here, too, Facebook has cloned Snapchat.

New Facebook features: Stories (left), Direct (middle) and camera effects (right).

Much like Snapchat’s own direct messaging feature, Facebook’s Direct feature allows friends to view your Story, replay it, post a response and more. Once the conversation on the photo or video ends, the content is no longer visible in Direct.

The new Facebook camera with effects, Stories and Direct are rolling out on a staggered basis starting today. If the update doesn’t appear on App Store for you later today, check back in a few days.

Will you be using Stories on Facebook, Direct and the new camera?

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Source: Facebook