Facebook Messenger now lets everyone post status updates that disappear after 24 hours

Facebook announced Thursday that a feature in its mobile Messenger app that allows people to post auto-disappearing photos and videos has now begun rolling out globally following a previous soft launch in select countries like Poland and Australia. They’re calling it Messenger Day because anything you post there disappears automatically after 24 hours, just like with Instagram Stories or those auto-vanishing status updates on WhatsApp.

You’re in full control of the scope of your Messenger Day and can choose to share it with everyone on the service, people you’re friends with or cherry-picked contacts.

“This is about today. It’s not about yesterday. It’s not about tomorrow,” David Marcus, Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging, told TechCrunch. He says the feature was designed to add context to conversations and help users inform their friends about where they want to take their day in some creative ways.

To use the feature, tap the new Add to Your Day button at the top of the Messenger inbox. If you don’t see the button, Messenger Day has not rolled out in your market yet—be patient and try again in a few days or weeks.

You must first take a photo or video, or select an item from your library. Optionally add text, art, emoji, effects or frames before posting.

The photo or video in your day is viewable for the next 24 hours. After the 24 hours have expired, your Messenger Day status will be automatically cleared out. And when you’re chatting with someone and send them a photo or video, Messenger conveniently puts a link at the bottom of the conversation to add the item to your day with one tap.

Replying to a person’s day sends them a private message via Messenger.

While chatting, you’ll see if they have anything new from their day at the top. A row of horizontal icons alongside the top of Messenger’s main view depict your friends’ days. Updates from your friends will autoplay one after another when viewed.

The feature offers a bunch of frames with calls to action such as “Who’s up for grabbing coffee?”, “Road trip”, “Movie night?”, “Let’s grab drinks”, “Let’s go for a run” etc.

If a lack of responses when posting on Facebook something along the lines of “who wants to grab dinner?” has been driving you nuts, try sharing a nice food shot adorned with a “who wants to grab dinner?” frame in your Messenger Day.

See some of the more creative frames designed for Messenger Day on the clip below.

Before using the feature, be sure to update your Messenger app to the latest version. Detailed info on using your Messenger Day can be found in the Messenger Help Center.

Facebook Messenger is available free on App Store.

Source: Facebook