How to manually check for Spotify app updates on Mac

Spotify for Mac users might be a little stumped when trying to manually check for updates in the app, and you’re not alone. Unlike a lot of Mac apps, the Spotify app doesn’t have a dedicated “Check for Updates” option in any of its menus.

The process is a bit convoluted, and because of that, we’ll show you how you can check for updates for the Spotify app on your Mac in this tutorial.

Software updates can be critical, sometimes fixing bugs, improving performance, and enhancing your security. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to know how to update your apps manually, and to do so regularly if automatic updates aren’t already enabled.

How do I check for Spotify updates?

While Spotify doesn’t follow the traditional update format that most Mac apps use, it typically stays up to date automatically. Nevertheless, there’s still a way to check for updates manually, and this can be useful whenever you’re somewhere with shoddy Wi-Fi and the automatic updates aren’t getting a chance to finish.

To check for an update for Spotify manually, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Spotify app on your Mac.

2) Click on Spotify in the Menu Bar.

3) Click the About Spotify option from the drop-down menu.

4) When the About window opens, you may see a line saying there’s a newer version available. If you do, click on the white Click here to download link:

5) Your Spotify app will begin downloading the update:

6) Once finished, Spotify will ask you to restart the app to install the latest version:

7) Simply quit the app and re-open it and your update should be installed!

No updates appearing?

If you see an About window like the one below, which doesn’t indicate that there are any updates then you’re already up to date:

This means you don’t have to install any updates because either Spotify installed all of the latest updates automatically, or you already manually installed the latest release at an earlier time.

Wrapping up

While it’s not particularly a straightforward way to manually check for updates in Spotify for Mac, it’s notably very similar to the manual update process in Firefox.

It would be nice to get a simple “Check for Updates” option in the Spotify menu from the Menu Bar like most Mac apps have, but for now, this is the current way to go about it.

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