The Mujjo Sleeve looks classy and keeps your Mac notebook safe as you travel

If you bring your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with you everywhere you go, then you should consider protecting your expensive investment with some kind of sleeve.

Because the outside world can be a lot rougher than the comfort and safety of your home computer desk, Mujjo makes classy protective sleeves that will fit every one of Apple’s notebooks. In this review, we’ll be showing you the Mujjo Sleeve for the 15” MacBook Pro.

Mujjo protects Mac notebooks and looks good

As you might remember from the Mujjo leather wallet iPhone case, the company focuses heavily on style with great attention to detail, but it’s still a fully functional product. The Mujjo Sleeve for Apple’s notebooks is no different, having that unique appeal that says, “I’m fancy” all while preventing unwanted scuffs and dings in the aluminum finish of your computer.

The first thing that stuck out to me when I laid my eyes on it was the leather flap over the top, which stands out from the felt-like finish of the rest of the sleeve. Angled in a creative manner, the flap seals off your computer from the outside world and proudly shows off the Mujjo name; it’s closed with a lone snap button, which is securely stitched into the felt:

The snap button is nice and hefty, so I have strong confidence it’s going to last a long time without ever breaking, and the flap itself, being made of vegetable-tanned leather and coated in a layer of wax for protection, adds durability to the mix as well. This is the type of leather that’s going to age nicely, and look good while doing it.

As for the rest of the case, it’s not leather; rather, it’s made of a felt material that’s soft to the touch. It’s water resistant, which makes this sleeve great for everyday travels, and if you ever get something on it, like your lunch, it’s easy to clean.

It’s nice that the sleeve is rigid along the edges, as it provides fairly decent shock and bump protection, although rarely needed because most MacBook owners are meticulous over their computers. Nevertheless, the rivets at each corner keep your computer perfectly centered between the stitching.

The inside of the case fits either the 2016 MacBook Pro (Touch Bar or not), or the previous-generation body style MacBook Pro with Retina display. The dual-fitment qualities is a huge plus, and the fit is nice and snug, so your computer won’t be bouncing around inside as you travel.

More importantly, there’s a secondary pocket where you can stash paperwork, accessories, power plugs, and more that along with your computer inside the Mujjo Sleeve. There’s also a small pocket inside, perfect for holding things like SD cards/USB drives or credit/ID cards.


Every seam in the Mujjo Sleeve is built with the highest-quality materials, intended to stay functional and durable throughout its long operating life. Best of all, it looks great while doing so, so you can pull it out in public and feel satisfied in doing so.

My outlook on the Mujjo Sleeve is mostly positive, but here’s a short pros and cons list:


  • High-quality felt and leather materials
  • Great everyday carry sleeve for teachers, lawyers, & other professionals
  • Looks just as stylish as it is functional
  • Two classy color options
  • Models available for all Apple notebooks
  • Durable materials provide a long service life


  • Pricey
  • Snug fit means there’s not much room for accessories

It’s particularly nice that the Mujjo Sleeve can be had for any model of Apple notebook, so if you’re interested in picking one up, you can do so for around $60 + shipping and handling from any of the following links:

  • Mujjo Sleeve for 13” MacBook Air (tan / black)
  • Mujjo Sleeve for 13″ MacBook Pro (tan / black)
  • Mujjo Sleeve for 15” MacBook Pro (tan / black)
  • Mujjo Sleeve for 12” MacBook (tan / black)

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