A look at the Incipio Asher MacBook Pro carry sleeve


As I’m always on the go, I needed a way to safely take my 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display all around with me without fearing that it could get damaged from drops or scuffs, and I turned to Incipio for those needs.

The Incipio Asher sleeve, which can be had off of Amazon for $30, is perfect for the on-the-go MacBook Pro user, as it provides excellent padding protection and additional stowaway room for the AC adapter and some small MacBook accessories.

In this review, we’ll talk about some of the features of the Incipio Asher sleeve, as well as its pros and cons.

Incipio Asher – the perfect travel sleeve for MacBooks?

Because I needed this to carry my MacBook Pro while traveling, padding was an important feature for me. Accidents happen, especially when you’re on the move because every action has an equal and opposite reaction – one that could leave dents, shatter screens, and break moving parts.


The Incipio Asher sleeve has plenty of padding. When you hold it in your hand for the first time, you can squeeze it and feel the foam-rubber like support that’s packed across the entire surface area to absorb impacting and crushing forces. The padding makes the case approximately twice the thickness of the MacBook Pro itself, but when putting it in a backpack like I do, it makes hardly any difference at all.


The inside of the sleeve has a very soft felt-like material that keeps the aluminum finish of your MacBook Pro from getting scuffed up by friction while it’s being stored inside the sleeve:


The Asher is made of premium sturdy and durable materials. The exterior is made from nylon and the zippers are made from good thick metal; not the cheap flimsy stuff.


I particularly love the large pouch at the top of the sleeve, which is the perfect size to fix the factory-supplied AC adapter, as well as an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or even an iPad. The pouch zips closed, just like the main sleeve that holds your MacBook Pro.


My thoughts on the Incipio Asher

There are a myriad of MacBook Pro carry cases on the market, however if you’re looking for a quality sleeve from a quality brand, the Incipio Asher is a great choice. It hugs the computer tightly so it’s not rattling around inside the sleeve, and it has plenty of padding to ensure your computer makes it from point A to point B unscathed.

I’m a fan of the nylon material because it slides in and out of my backpack with ease without catching on anything, and also because nylon is very study and doesn’t tear easily.

The additional storage space at the top is a bit cramped, but it has the surface area of the entire computer, which gives you enough room to store almost any small or medium accessory you need to carry with you, such as the AC adapter and external storage.

The Incipio Asher case has some pros and cons to it, and we’ll outline those for you below:


  • Sturdy and durable material and zippers will provide long service life
  • Thick and reliable protective padding protects from shock and crushing
  • Soft internal material cradles your MacBook Pro with care
  • Useful storage pouch perfect for storing the AC adapter & small accessories


  • Zipper on storage pouch is slightly difficult to access
  • Additional thickness may be a problem for some users
  • No small sleeves to secure USB flash drives in the storage pocket


I love the Incipio Asher sleeve for my 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display, and it’s perfect for the on-the-go student or office worker who needs a way to carry their computer with them without damaging it. There are hardly any cons about it that I would use as leverage to say the sleeve wasn’t worth my money, but the protectiveness of the sleeve has easily pushed it into my top five favorite Mac accessories.

If you are interested in the Incipio Asher sleeve for your MacBook Pro, you can head over to Incipio’s website to see all of the offerings for the different sizes of MacBook Pros. You’ll also find there are different colors to choose from. My particular model, which is for the 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, can be had for a deal on Amazon for just $30.

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What are your thoughts on the Incipio Asher? Share in the comments below.