Mujjo is a high quality leather wallet case for iPhone at a great price

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case iPhone

The phenomenon of wallet case popularity among iPhone owners hasn’t gone unnoticed by luxury case makers, and the Mujjo case is just one of those sexy options that leather lovers will have a hard time resisting.

Crafted out of vegetable-tanned leather and internally lined with a layer of suede to keep your iPhone cradled with the softest touch possible, the Mujjo is a luxurious travel case made for anyone who doesn’t want to lug their wallet around with them just to carry an ID and credit card on them at all times.

An elegant and affordable leather wallet case

Mujjo is hand-inspected for quality control before it ever leaves the manufacturer’s hands, but when it does, it comes in a fancy shipping bag with the Mujjo name proudly embroidered on it (yes, there’s a case box inside the bag, not just a case).

Mujjo Shipping Bag

You’ll find the Mujjo name in various places on the case itself, such as on the back pocket where your cards go and on the suede on the inside:

Mujjo Interior

High quality stitching keeps the wallet portion of the case fastened to your iPhone. These are well-made little cases, so you don’t have to worry about your cards suddenly missing from your iPhone at a later date:

Mujjo Stitching

The back pocket is capable of holding anywhere from 2-3 cards at a time. It will be tight the first time you use it, but like all forms of leather, it will break in over time. This break-in period also applies to the leather case itself, which with age, will look better and better.

In terms of the case itself as a protector of your iPhone, it covers all of the four corners of your device so that should you drop it, it’s not going to land on the metal itself. This isn’t really a high-impact case, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re rough on your stuff.

If you use a lot of accessories with your iPhone, like third-party Lightning cables or Lightning attachments, then you’ll be happy to know that the wide cutout on the bottom of the case doesn’t get in the way of using anything. This also makes the Mujjo compatible with most iPhone docks.

Mujjo Lightning Port

The buttons on the sides are also easily accessible with wide open cuts, which means you’ll never have problems accessing the ringer/silent switch or changing the volume.

Mujjo Buttons

The camera opening is another important part of the case, and since the iPhone 7 Plus has a fancy new camera with a larger glass cover, keeping its enlarged surface area protected from drops is important. Mujjo has you covered; as you can see, the camera hump is recessed inside the Mujjo, so it won’t come in contact with surfaces.

Mujjo Camera

Anyone who’s into wallet cases knows there are tons of options out there, but the Mujjo is a step into the realm of luxury with its satisfyingly high-quality leather finish and slim form factor. They even come in different color choices: Black, Gray, and Tan.

Included below is a short list of pros and cons for the Mujjo case below:


  • Classy and stylish high-quality leather
  • Suede interior helps keep even a Jet Black iPhone micro abrasion-free
  • Wide openings for Lightning port and buttons
  • Holds as many as 3 cards inside its slim form factor
  • Comes in different colors
  • Affordable


  • Virtually no screen protection (invest in a screen protector)
  • Odds of losing your iPhone and your cards simultaneously increases with wallet cases

You can pick one up yourself from Amazon for about $34 for the iPhone 7 or $39 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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