How to recover deleted notes from your iPhone or iPad

Whenever you delete a note from your iPhone or iPad’s Notes app, you have a limited amount of time (30 days) before it’s removed from your device in its entirety.

In this grace period, it is possible to recover the deleted note back to the app, which can potentially save you the trouble of losing out on an important note you might have commanded to the trash by accident. We’ll show you how in this tutorial.

How to recover a deleted note

After you’ve deleted a note from your iPhone or iPad, it gets sent to a temporary folder in the Notes app called Recently Deleted. It’s not permanently deleted from your device until you physically go into the Recently Deleted folder and delete it for a second time.

If a note you delete by accident is still in your Recently Deleted folder, you’ll be able to recover it by following these steps:

1) Launch the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap on the Back arrow to move out of your Notes and into folder view.

3) Open the Recently Deleted folder.

Recently Deleted Folder in Notes
  • For one note, swipe from right to left and tap the Move (folder) icon.
  • To recover specific notes to the same folder, tap Edit, choose the notes, and tap Move at the bottom.
  • To recover all notes to the same folder, tap Edit and then Move All at the bottom.
Edit Recently Deleted Folder in Notes

Select the folder for each action above to recover your note(s).

If you can’t find the note you deleted

If you were unable to find your deleted note in the Recently Deleted folder, then it means one of two things:

  • You deleted the note from the Recently Deleted folder already; or
  • You deleted the note more than 30 days ago, so iOS already trashed it

Assuming you are recovering a note just shortly after deleting it by accident, and you haven’t deleted it from the Recently Deleted folder, it’s easy to recover.

Because this feature is in place, you should avoid deleting anything from the Recently Deleted folder unless you’re sure you don’t need the note anymore or if the note contains sensitive material that you don’t want recovered after you delete it for security reasons.

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