How to share Wallet passes


You might have been there before: you volunteered to book event tickets on behalf of a group and just when your finger is hovering over the eTicket delivery method, you notice you do not have everyone’s digits to send the tickets out to their iPhones. Or you do, but a group member has no local number since they’re visiting from overseas?

Fret not, because neither of those two scenarios is going to keep you from handing out the passes to your friends’ devices at last. All you need to know for it to come off is a little trick that helps allocate them conveniently from your own Wallet app.

Picture this: you have booked your electronic tickets but can’t get ahold of your friend’s number. What now? Thankfully, Apple is pretty easy on storing passes in your wallet for a later transfer. On that account, the only step preceding this tutorial is the assumption that you have asked the ticket sales outlet to send your peer’s ticket to your own device. Apple has no qualms letting you add multiple tickets of the same event to your wallet, so you can collect those unallocated few passes yourself for the time being. Afterwards, pick one of the options outlined below to share it when you meet the designated recipient in person.

1) Launch your Wallet app and find the pass stored on behalf of your friends. On occasion, multiple tickets granting access to the same event will be listed next to each other on tapping the first pass. If you cannot swipe left to select the other passes, they will be itemised vertically with the other cards.

2) Touch the pass you want to impart to an acquaintance. Select the little More button (three dots) in the top right corner.

3) Tap the Share button.

Share Wallet Pass Gift Card iPhone

4)  Choose from a range of options to send the pass from your Share Sheet.

Pick at will, although it will usually hinge on the circumstances: the quickest method remains AirDrop, which you should give a try if the recipient is nearby.

5) We have now switched perspective and sit on the receiving end. Adding your pass to Wallet is as easy as tapping the attachment in your email, your iMessage or AirDrop pop-up and tapping Add.

Add Wallet Pass Gift Card iPhone

Don’t let the amount of text fool you, this is by no stretch rocket science. Finding the button can make event planning a lot easier though, and I am yet to find a pass that does not admit of sharing.