Adding your driver’s license to the Wallet app in iOS 15 is now set to launch in 2022

Earlier this year, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company unveiled a brand new feature that will allow iOS 15 users to add their driver’s license (and/or state I.D.) to the Wallet app. The feature was expected to launch with the public release of iOS 15. However, that did not pan out, and Apple had to readjust its release window for the feature.

Apple's promotional image showing presenting driver's license to TSA with iOS 15 Wallet on iPhone
Image credit: Apple

Before now, Apple said the feature would launch before the end of 2021. But it turns out that will not be the case. As first noted by MacRumors today, Apple has updated its iOS 15 website, the one where it breaks down the primary new features available in the mobile operating system, to show that the feature is now expected to arrive sometime in 2022.

Apple says the feature will arrive in “early 2022,” for what it’s worth. But, of course, nothing is set in stone at this point. So while the company has reworked the release window, and plans to get the feature out into the wild sometime in the early stages of next year, those plans could change, too. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

So far, Apple has confirmed a few different aspects of the feature. First and foremost, the company gave us a list of the initial states that will support adding your driver’s license and/or state identification card to the Wallet app. At launch, both Arizona and Georgia will support the feature.

After that, these states are next in line:

  • Connecticut
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Utah
  • Oklahoma

And the state of Florida is also working on adding support soon after the feature’s arrival, too.

Adding the driver’s license or state I.D. is relatively simple, working in the same way as adding a payment or store card. Open the Wallet app and choose the “+” option, then:

The customer will then be asked to use their iPhone to scan their physical driver’s license or state ID card and take a selfie, which will be securely provided to the issuing state for verification. As an additional security step, users will also be prompted to complete a series of facial and head movements during the setup process.

Apple says that the feature is all about privacy and security, again just like adding a payment card to the Wallet app.

This latest development isn’t great, but at least Apple hasn’t outright cancelled the feature at this point.