What’s a prompt about enhanced fraud prevention in the Wallet app?

Apple’s Wallet app is launching enhanced fraud prevention for some cards, a new feature that uses your device’s location to help identify and prevent fraud.

A prompt in Apple's Wallet app for iPhone about the enhanced fraud prevention feature
  • You may be greeted with a new prompt in the Wallet app announcing that automatic fraud prevention has been turned on for some of your cards.
  • Enhanced fraud prevention uses your iPhone’s device ID and location to help Apple identify and prevent fraud when you make a purchase with Apple Pay.
  • This feature is available for certain cards only, including some Visa cards.

What’s enhanced fraud prevention in Apple’s Wallet app?

According to reports on Twitter, people around the globe who use Apple Pay are seeing a new prompt in the Wallet app about enhanced fraud prevention. “Cards with enhanced fraud prevention now use information about your account, device and location our share fraud assessment with your payment network,” it reads. The prompt can be dismissed by hitting “X” and only appears for certain cards in your Wallet app that support this new feature.

Reports on social media indicate that certain Visa cards support this feature. As noted by 9to5Mac, the prompt includes a Read More link that takes you to an explanatory screen that provides further information about how this feature works:

For cards with certain enhanced fraud prevention, when you attempt an online or in-app transaction, your device will evaluate information about your Apple ID, device and location (if you have enabled Location Services), to develop fraud prevention assessments, which are used by Apple to identify and prevent fraud.

If your card supports enhanced fraud prevention, then this feature will be automatically turned on for you when you add the card to the Wallet app. You’ll also receive this notice when you first attempt to make an online or in-app transaction with the card. Read: How to remove your credit card information from your iPhone

It seems that Apple is sharing more data for those types of transactions. The explanatory screen states that the information shared with your payment card network for fraud prevention includes Apple’s own fraud prevention assessments and transaction data such as purchase amount, currency and date.

”To prevent the sharing of fraud prevention assessments with your payment card network, you may select another card,” reads a code string that social media engineer Steve Mosser discovered back in February 2022. Don’t confuse enhanced fraud prevention with advanced fraud protection, a feature available to Apple Card members that uses a rotating security code to boost transaction security.