How to report Apple Card fraud

Be aware of phishing scams and other nefarious schemes designed to compromise your credit card details. If you believe you’re a victim of a scam involving your Apple Card, here’s what you need to do in order to report Apple Card fraud, right from your iPhone.

Developers Caught Manipulating App Store Rankings

An interesting thread sprouted up in TouchArcade's forums over the weekend entitled the "Biggest FRAUD in the Top 25 Free Ranking." The thread spotlights a recently discovered problem with some app developers using seedy marketing services to move their apps up in the App Store rankings.

Walterkaman, who started the thread, said, "I came across this ad network which guaranteed to get my app into the Top 25 in the App Store for $5000." The service uses bot farms to automatically download their clients' apps to drive up their rankings. And not only does this work, but it works well...

FTC Takes Care of Fraudulent App Store Reviews. Sort of

One of my pet peeves is the current state of how apps in the App Store get their review grades. As you probably know the system as it stands is simply set up to allow anyone to write about and rank an application as many times as they like. Nothing had been done to prevent fraud in the sense of app developers writing multiple high ball reviews, until now, kind of.

The Federal Trade Commissions office has satisfied a complaint against a California based PR group called Reverb Communications. It turns out that the company who have worked with several developers were having their employees posing as actual users, and having them write up glorified reviews of different applications...

Fraud Warning: Your iTunes Account Might Be at Risk

A couple of months ago we reported that the App Store had been hacked, resulting in a massive fraud whereby hackers would get into people's iTunes accounts and buy their own apps. At the time, Apple issued a weak statement, the App Store got hacked again, and we never heard anything about this matter until today.

A TechCrunch article reveals what seems to be a major security flaw in iTunes accounts linked to Paypal.