App Store’s “Report a Problem” link is back with two major improvements

In a major reversal, the App Store’s Report a Problem link is back after being removed without explanation a few years ago. This time around, however, the feature includes a pair of significant improvements that are aimed at better tackling scams and fraud on the platform.


  • iOS 15’s App Store quietly adds back the Report a Problem feature
  • It’s a staggered release, with free apps first getting the feature
  • This link makes it easier to report obvious scams and fraud

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How to report scam and fraud via App Store’s Report a Problem link

The App Store app pages now include a Report a Problem link, spotted by developer Kosta Eleftheriou on Twitter, with free apps in the US App Store first getting the feature. The button appears to be rolling out in stages to all app types and localized App Stores.

If this feature has been rolled out for you, open the App Store app on your iPhone with iOS 15 or your iPad with iPadOS 15 and navigate to an installed app you’d like to report. You should see a Report a Problem link underneath the Information heading on the app page. Click the link to start the process. This will open a dedicated webpage for flagging issues with apps.

Select Report a scam or fraud to do just that or choose between the other listed violations.

Apple provides useful information about the “Report a Problem” link in this article.

Two ways the new “Report a Problem” link differs from the old

Apple used to provide this same button in the early days of the App Store, but the company removed it without explanation before the major iOS 7 redesign. The old button was in the same position as the new one, but it was much less developed in terms of functionality. Read: How to designate reviews in App Store as “Helpful” or “Not Helpful”

Besides, the old feature wouldn’t let you report obvious scams beyond reporting “a quality issue” with a purchased app. The new one enables you to report scams, fraud and other issues for any app that is installed on your device. In practice, this means that you can freely report scams and fraud with any free apps with in-app purchases without having to purchase anything. You just download a free app and report any suspicious in-app purchases.

Of course, you can also report problems with apps that cost money to download in the first place. In that case, however, because the app you wish to report must be installed on your device, you must basically spend the money on the app before you can report it.

And will all the scammy apps out there, we hope Apple will now pay more attention when people report scammy apps, obvious scams and fraud on the App Store than ever before.