Apple Watch Series 2

Although they look just about the same on the outside, the new Apple Watch Series 2 is built just a little bit thicker and heavier than the Apple Watch Series 1 and the original Apple Watch.

The findings might be a deal-breaker for some people who already thought the original Apple Watch was too thick to begin with. After all, many were hoping Apple would thin out the footprint of the next-generation Apple Watch, rather than make it thicker.

The differences were pointed out in a report by MacRumors, which cites the tech specs from Apple’s website.

It turns out that packing all that new technology into the Apple Watch Series 2 has required Apple to add an additional 0.9 mm in depth to both the 38 mm and 42 mm-sized enclosures. This brings both the 38 mm and 42 mm enclosures of the Apple Watch Series 2 to a depth of 11.4 mm from 10.5 mm in the Apple Watch Series 1.

Apple Watch Series 2 Thicker and Heavier Than Apple Watch Series 1

The additional thickness makes enough room for a rumored larger capacity battery, which would be required to power the new hardware in the device, including but not limited to a brighter and thinner 1,000 nit display, an embedded GPS chip, and a dual-core S2 processor, all while keeping the same great 18-hour battery life.

Ad a result of the extra material needed for the larger enclosure, the weight of the Apple Watch Series 2 is unsurprisingly higher. The specs point out a 3.2 grams increase in weight for the 32 mm enclosure, which is now up to 28.2 grams from 25 grams, and a 4.2 grams increase in weight for the 42 mm enclosure, which is now up to 34.2 grams from 30 grams.

You can imagine weight differences this small in terms of paperclips. A gram is about the weight of 1 full-size steel paperclip, so if you really wanted to know what the weight difference was like without feeling the difference on your wrist, grab 3-4 steel paperclips and you’ll have a good idea.

If you were considering buying an Apple Watch Series 2, you should check out our full tech specs post to see what you’re getting and also let us know in our poll whether or not you’ll be picking one up.

Source: MacRumors