Apple Watch 2’s larger battery shouldn’t make the device any thicker

Apple Watch 2 components battery Byte 001

Byte, a UK-based retailer that sells Apple-certified accessories and parts, recently posted a video in which they showed off a few supposedly genuine parts for a second-generation Apple Watch, including a thinner OLED Force Touch display and a significantly thicker battery potentially giving the wearable device a few more hours of run time.

Today, Byte published precise measurements for the above components and the numbers lead to the conclusion that Apple may have been able to squeeze in a much more powerful battery without making the Apple Watch 2 any thicker.

After taking a closer look at Apple Watch 2’s claimed internal housing, spacer ring and detailed component sizes, Byte said that the device’s OLED display is significantly thinner at just 2.86 millimeters at its thickest and 2.12 millimeters at its thinnest spot.

In comparison, the current Apple Watch’s flexible OLED display is 3.75 millimeters at its thickest spot and 2.99 millimeters at its thinnest, so you’re looking at a nearly 25 percent reduction in thinness—which is a lot on such a tiny form factor.

Apple Watch 2 components Byte 001
Apple Watch 2 casing, at left, and a rubberized spacer ring, at right, that might be used for waterproofing around the heart rate monitor.

As for the Apple Watch 2’s claimed battery component, it’s 5.1 millimeters thick—a noticeable increase in thickness over the original Apple Watch’s battery, which measures 3.95 millimeters thick. It’s also interesting that the bezel on the front of the Apple Watch 2 appears to be smaller than that on the first-generation product.

Check out Byte’s video for other tidbits.

The Force Touch gasket for the Apple Watch 2 has very little difference in thickness compared to that in the first Apple Watch, said Byte. Summing up, by making the display thinner Apple was probably able to squeeze in a bigger battery without making the device’s body any thicker.

Now, the stronger battery may not necessarily equal a longer run time because the Apple Watch 2 is said to include a GPS radio for tracking pace and distance during exercise without its paired iPhone, and GPS is a notorious battery hog.

If you ask me, even with the GPS and potentially other hardware improvements, the Apple Watch 2 will retain or slightly exceeded its surprisingly impressive battery life (no, I don’t mind charging my watch overnight).

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 and new Beats accessories at Apple’s event tomorrow, kicking off at 10amPT/1pm ET.

Source: Byte