Poll: Will you buy the Apple Watch Series 2?

Apple Watch ceramic

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 at yesterday’s keynote event alongside the iPhone 7 lineup with improvements to speed and capability, and also bumped up the specs of the original Apple Watch all while re-branding it the Apple Watch Series 1.

But is the second-generation Apple Watch everything you were hoping for? Let us know in this poll whether or not you’ll be ordering one.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 2 start September 9th, so you only have a few more hours before the race to get yours on time begins. Of course, iPhone 7 pre-orders start at the same time, so you’ll have to decide which one takes the priority on your clock.

Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a number of new features and improvements, not limited to:

  • A brighter 1,000 nit display for better outdoor viewing
  • Significantly improved water resistance rated for 50 meters
  • An all-new dual-core CPU for instant-open apps
  • A built-in GPS chip for improvements to navigation
  • New ceramic enclosure material option
  • And more…

For some, many of these improvements were deal-breakers from the initial Apple Watch, but the instant-open apps effect is probably going to sway a lot of people into finally ordering one; the dual-core processor, of course, finally makes this possible, and ships in the Apple Watch Series 1 as well as the Series 2.

For the most part, you can expect about the same battery life from the Apple Watch Series 2 as you were already getting with the original Apple Watch; 18 hours before you need to juice it back up. That means you can still get a full day’s use out of the Apple Watch Series 2 and then toss it on the charger right before going to bed every night.

The improved water resistance is a big deal. Although the original Apple Watch proved to fare well against water in various tests during its initial release last year, Apple Watch Series 2 does nothing but improve upon this luxury. The new rating standards now give Apple Watch Series 2 the water resistance it needs to be used in deeper  water environments, including at the beach or in swimming pools.

So with all of these goodies packed into a small package that’s the same size as the one you may have been wearing before, are you sold on buying the second-generation Apple Watch this year? Let us know in the poll below:

Feel free to chime in about why you made the choice you did in the comments below!