Jailbreak tweaks of the week: AnsweringMachine, QuickShoot Pro 3, & more…

Tweaks of the week

As yet another week goes by, Cydia has been the host of a number of new jailbreak tweaks.

Although this week hasn’t been as exciting as some of the previous weeks we’ve seen following the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3, there have still been some useful jailbreak tweak releases that we’ll share in this roundup.

Our favorite releases this week

AnsweringMachine – $3.99

AnsweringMachine Header

In what could be one of the world’s coolest jailbreak tweaks for the Phone functionality of your iPhone, AnsweringMachine gives you the voicemail experience you never had in iOS.

With it, you can set up custom synthesized voicemail greetings for everyone, or on a per-contact basis. You can even get your voicemail transcribed into text and then shown to you in a notification banner after the voicemail is received.

Those features, along with a number of others, make AnsweringMachine a super awesome tweak for all jailbroken iPhone users. We suggest reading our full review to learn more.

QuickShoot Pro 3 – $1.99

QuickShoot Pro Icon Live Camera

QuickShoot Pro 3 is a great new update for a great jailbreak tweak that lets you take photos and videos from anywhere in iOS.

Complete with stunning Camera app icon visual effects, universal Activator support, and a slew of options, you can use this tweak for the perfect photo or video opportunity even when you’re busy in another app or on the Home screen.

To learn more about how QuickShoot Pro 3 works, check out our full review.

PokeGO LS Gif – FREE

Pokemon GO team Jailbreak Tweak GIF

PokeGO LS Gif lets you show off your Pokémon GO spirit right from the Lock screen.

With this tweak, a GIF animation of all of the game’s teams and their legendary birds is displayed as your wallpaper.

The animations are smooth and well-done, so if you’re a Pokémon fan, I highly recommend reading our full review to see more.

Other releases this week

3DNoDiv: Removes the dividing lines in the 3D Touch menu for apps (free)

AutoPaste: Automatically pastes GIFs when you copy them from GIF keyboards (free – review)

Envoy: Lets you remove unwanted sections from the Facebook Messenger app (free – review)

LongStories: Removes 24-hour limit from Instagram’s Stories feature (free)

NowPlayingGradRemover: Removes the color gradient from the Now Playing view (free)

SiriKeepListening: Keeps Siri from timing out when you’re in the middle of talking (free – review)

SnapchatLowPowerModeEnabler: Enables an experimental low power mode in Snapchat (free)

WidgetWeather3: An updated platform for using weather widgets throughout iOS (free)

And that just about concludes what this week was all about in terms of jailbreak tweak releases. It would seem developers are taking a small break after having spent all that time updating their tweaks to support iOS 9.3.3 support.

As I follow many of the jailbreak community’s prominent developers on Twitter, I can say that more exciting things are soon to come in Cydia, so I suggest keeping your eyes peeled and watching iDB for the latest!

Moreover, if you want to see more tweaks, don’t forget to check out last week’s roundup in case you missed anything!