iOS 10 tidbit: sending fireballs via Digital Touch

iOS 10 Messages Digital Touch Fireball space gray iPhone screenshot 001

The Digital Touch interface made its debut on the Apple Watch in April 2015. With iOS 10, Apple is bringing Digital Touch features to the Messages app and it does so much more than its wrist counterpart was capable of at launch.

With Digital Touch, you can doodle over live video, adorn your messages with animated kisses, digital taps and auto-dissapearing drawings and even send animated hearts and broken hearts to other people.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at another nifty feature in iOS 10 Messages: the ability to express your angst or anger by shooting virtual fireballs at your recipient(s).

Shooting fireballs via Digital Touch

To send a fireball via iOS 10 Messages, do the following:

1) Launch Messages on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later.

2) Create a new message and then tap the Digital Touch button, it’s the middle icon next to the text entry field.

3) Take the Digital Touch interface full screen by tapping the arrow in the lower right corner. This is an optional step.

4) On devices without 3D Touch, tap and hold with one finger until a fireball is created. On devices with 3D Touch, press the Digital Touch pad with one finger instead of tapping.

5) You can continue holding the finger to see the looping fireball animation. Let go of the finger to shoot the fireball to the contact.

iOS 10 Messages Digital Touch Fireball silver iPhone screenshot 002

Like other Digital Touch effects, you can send fireballs on the black background or apply it to a photo or video. For those wondering—yes, you can send fireballs using the Digital Touch feature in Messages on the Apple Watch, too.

iOS 10 Messages Digital Touch Fireball space gray iPhone screenshot 003

What else can Digital Touch on iOS 10 do?

You can also use Digital Touch to:

Messages on iOS 10 contain a plethora of other improvements, including downloadable iMessage Apps and stickers from the App Store, full-screen effects, animated chat bubbles, in-line media previews, Spotlight Suggestions for certain chat items, and more.

Messages on iOS 10 allows you to manage read receipts on a per-contact basis and it’ll automatically play an appropriate full-screen animation upon receiving texts like ”Happy Birthday”, ”Happy New Year”, ”Congratulations” and so forth.

What’s new for Messages on iOS 10?

Here’s our hands-on video detailing Messages on iOS 10 beta 1.

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Your verdict

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Do you like fireball sending on iOS 10’s Messages and if so, do you think it’s something that you and your friends and family might embrace when iOS 10 releases this fall?