Bumpers, Winnie, BitCam and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

It’s going to be a long weekend for Apple fans, as we anxiously await the company’s big WWDC keynote on Monday. But never fear, we’ve picked out some great apps and games to help you pass the time. These include a new audio recording and sharing app, an old school camera app,  and of course two great new games.



Bumpers is sort of like a cross between Instagram and podcasts. The app allows you to easily record and edit audio, and then share it with the world. The editing tools are super easy to use and there are various sound effects to choose from. And even if you don’t want to record anything, you can still listen to other people’s thoughts and conversations, and even follow your favorite users. I feel like we’ve seen a few of these apps pop up, but this could be the one that takes the category. Bumpers is available for free.



Winnie helps parents and caretakers navigate the world with their children, giving them the information they need to find great activities and destinations for families. With data on over 100,000 locations, the app helps you find hidden gems and new places to visit like parks, playgrounds and libraries. You can also search for family-friendly restaurants, locate the closest place to nurse a child or change a diaper, and you can even post stories about places you visit to help others. Winnie is available for free.




BitCam puts an old-school twist on taking photos and selfies. As the name suggests, the app allows you to take low resolution photos packed full of pixels and nostalgia. But what sets BitCam apart from other so-called photo apps is the minimalistic interface. The Iconfactory, the team behind the popular Twitterrific Twitter client, has done a great job with the UI, as it looks like something straight out of the 90’s. There’s a color option unlockable via an in-app purchase, otherwise the app is available for free.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run


Ronaldo is one of those people you either love, or hate because he is so rich and good looking. But with Euro 2016 now in full swing, I thought it was appropriate to include a soccer (or football) game in this week’s roundup. At first sight, this may seem like another terrible free-to-play celebrity cash grab, but it’s actually pretty fun. It’s a free-running title, that reminds me of a cross between Temple Run and Flick Soccer. If you’re a fan of Ronaldo or his sport, it’s worth checking out. This game is available for free.

Build Away! – Idle City Builder

build away

Build Away! is a very promising-looking builder with great graphics, intuitive interface, and simple game controls. Players are tasked with building “the most awesome city of all time,” which includes the construction of cafes, homes, banks, airports, theme parks and zoos. Like other titles in this genre, you can do things like invite friends over to help grow and customize your town and automate actions so you can earn continuously while you’re away. No online connection required! This game is available for free.

More apps you should check out

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