Instagram’s new iOS extension finally lets you share without needing to launch the app

Instagram 8.2 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

It’s hard to tell from release notes alone, which only mention bug fixes and performance improvements, but Instagram’s version 8.2 update that went live this morning on the App Store packs in a much improved Share sheet extension.

Long overdue, the new extension finally lets you upload photos and videos directly to the service, without needing to open the app at all.

After selecting the Instagram extension in the Share menu of Photos or any other app where sharing photos or videos is supported, a redesigned sheet pops up allowing you to type your caption and hashtags. Then, tap Share to upload the selected media to Instagram and get back to what you were doing.

If you don’t see the Instagram icon in the Share menu, tap More in the Share menu and slide the switch next to Instagram to the ON position.

Before today, choosing Instagram’s extension in iOS’s multi-purpose Share sheet used to launch the app where you had to finish posting.

Of course, accessing other Instagram features such as photo filters and editing tools still requires you to fire up the app itself because Instagram hasn’t yet exposed its filters to iOS—doing so would require a dedicated Photos extension.

The new Instagram extension is available system-wide in any first or third-party app which supports media sharing via iOS’s native Share sheets. It’s two years late, but as they say—better late than never!

Thanks, Z!

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