Taylor Swift dances to “The Darkness” like no one’s watching in latest Apple Music ad

Taylor Swift Apple Music ad image 001

We’ve already seen pop singer Taylor Swift wipe out on the treadmill and drop a mic like a pro in a pair of amusing television commercials for Apple’s $9.99 per month subscription music service. This morning, she tweeted out another short video created to promote Apple Music. “Dance like no one’s watching,” reads the tweet. In the new video, Swift dances around her living room to The Darkness’ song “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”.

According to Apple Music content head Larry Jackson a month ago, these videos are part of a series of Apple Music commercials starring Taylor Swift that would continue to roll out in coming weeks and months.

Here’s Taylor’s new Apple Music ad.


Though Apple Music’s thirteen million paying subscribers is a far cry from Spotify’s 30 million users who use their paid service, it’s important to note that Apple’s services has been on the market for less than eleven months versus years for Spotify.

Though heavily criticized for its inconsistent and complicated user interface, Apple is said to show off a more intuitive version of Apple Music at WWDC next month. The refreshed app should offer integrated lyrics and a new Browse tab, while the failed social feature called Connect will be demoted.

In addition to $9.99 per month individual accounts and $14.99 per month subscriptions for families of six, Apple Music as of recently offers a $4.99 per month tier to eligible students in seven countries.

Source: Taylor Swift