Digit, Dream Machine and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

It was a pretty big week for Apple news, with the iPhone-maker sending out press invitations for its long-rumored March event, but it was also a pretty big week for app and game releases. Our list of titles for you to check out this weekend include an app that helps you save money, a more intimate photo-sharing app, and two can’t miss games.



Having trouble putting money into savings? There’s a new app for that. It’s called Digit, and it’s described as an “effortless way to save money without thinking about it.” The app monitors your spending habits, and withdraws a few dollars from your checking account and deposits it into a savings account, when/if you can afford it. Digit is both free and safe to use—with 128-bit banking level encryption and a guarantee against overdraft. This app is available for free.



Looking for a way to zip and unzip apps on your iPhone? Meet Bundler. The app brings Mac-like zipping and sharing to iOS. You can send files or links to Bundler with any standard Share button, as well as post files or links to new or existing bundles without switching apps. You can also view, edit, and share your bundles inside the Bundler app. It doesn’t look like it supports exporting .zip files yet, but the developers say they’re on it. This app is available for free.



Shorts is a new app with an interesting premise: follow your friend’s Camera Roll. It sounds kind of creepy, but the idea here is to provide a more intimate look into the lives of friends and family than what you see on Instagram or Facebook. Here’s how it works: each time you open Shorts, it uploads all of your recent photos or videos. Then you’ll see the recent uploads from everyone you’re following. No filters. No special effects. Just people. This app is available for free.



From Mediocre, the Apple Design Award-winning team behind games like Smash Hit and Does Not Commute, comes Dirac. It’s a fast-paced puzzler, which plays like a sci-fi version of connect-the-dots. To start with, a couple of dots begin oozing out of a node in the center of the level that you must connect by drawing a line with your finger. There are various bonus and power plays to pick up, and of course the levels get more challenging as you progress. This game is available for $1.99.

Dream Machine

dream machine

Escape a cold, inhumane factory and free yourself into a mind-blowing fantasy world in Dream Machine. This may look like a Monument Valley knockoff, but rest assured it’s a very different experience with fantastical machinery, hazardous levels and epic boss battles. It is very similar to MV, however, in that it is a 3D puzzler with beautifully hand-crafted levels. Dream Machine also supports 3D Touch, which gives you precise control over your gameplay. This game is available for $0.99.

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