How to stop specific Facebook friends from sending you app requests and game invites

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We recently told you about a master switch that instantly stops all game invites that people you’re friends with on Facebook pester you with. In addition, we taught you how to stop apps from spamming your Facebook Timeline. But if you like playing some games on Facebook, turning off all game invites from everyone might not be the best solution.

If you want to keep seeing app-related requests from some friends, this tutorial will show you how to block game invites from everyone except a select few people.

You can block app invites from specific friends on the mobile or desktop Facebook interface in your browser. You cannot access these settings through the mobile Facebook app.

How to stop getting Facebook game invites from specific friends

1) Using your desktop browser, log in to the desktop Facebook interface at using your account user name and password.

2) Click the triangle icon in the upper right corner and choose Settings in the pop-up menu.

Facebook Settings menu

3) Click Blocking in the left menu.

4) In the Block App Invites section, enter the name or email address of the friend you want to stop receiving app invites from.

Facebook how to block app invites from specific friends

Tip: If you change your mind later, you can always unblock app invites from that friend by clicking Unblock.

Block app invites from friends on Facebook

Blocking app requests and game invites in App Center

You can also block game or app invites sent by a friend directly from the Activity tab in Facebook’s App Center. First, go to Facebook’s App Center in your browser and then click the Activity section at the top, then click Invites.

You will see app requests and invites that your friends sent you. Click x next to the request and then choose the link “Ignore all requests from [PERSON]” that will appear below.

Ignore app requests from this person

Confirm the action by clicking Okay.

Ignore all future app invites

“Ignoring all app invites means you will not see and app invites [PERSON] may send you in the future”, cautions the feature’s description.

You could also block specific app or game on Facebook, in the Activity section of Facebook’s App Center click “x” next to the request. Now select the link “Block [App/Game Name]?” and click Confirm.

Block apps

Blocking an app or game will prevent your friends from sending you invitations and requests related to the app. This app will no longer be permitted to get any information about you and you will no longer see the app even if other people have it installed.

To unblock an app or game, visit your Facebook Settings and click Blocking in the left column. In the Block Apps section, click Unblock next to the name of the app.

Lastly, there’s a nuclear option which disables Facebook’s integration with apps, games and websites. When you turn this off, you will no longer be able to log into apps, games and websites using Facebook.

Moreover, apps or games you’ve logged into using Facebook will be removed, posts by apps or games will be removed from your Timeline and you may also lose app-specific information such as favorite places your visited, your high scores in games and so forth.

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Whether you’re blocking app invites from some friends using the mobile Facebook app or the web interface, your friends won’t be notified that you’ve blocked app invites from them.

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