Why pair more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone? Here’s why…

Pair multiple Apple Watch why?

I’ve seen so many comments questioning the reason behind Apple allowing more than one Apple Watch to be paired with a single iPhone. Some people think it’s silly to have more than one Apple Watch, while others genuinely seem to be confused by the decision.

Why would Apple allow you to have more than one Apple Watch paired at the same time? Let’s consider the possible answers…

Pairing != Connecting

First of all, let’s briefly address what is not possible. With iOS 9.3 beta 1, Apple lends users the ability to pair more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone. It has not, however, allowed the ability to connect more than one Apple Watch at the same time.

While you can have multiple Apple Watches paired, you can only use one at a time. In other words, when you wish to switch to a different Apple Watch, you must disconnect the previously connected watch.

Apple has a cool little mechanism in iOS 9.3 beta 1’s Watch app called Auto Switch, which will intelligently switch to the Apple Watch that’s being used without requiring user interaction. Of course, it’s still possible to manually go in and change connections if you wish to do so. Watch our video above for an in-depth look at the whole switching process.

Why more than one Apple Watch?

That brings us to the big question: Why would Apple allow such a thing? It’s actually pretty simple. It’s for those of us who own more than one Apple Watch.

Why would anyone have more than one Apple Watch, you ask?

For the same reasons that people own more than one traditional wrist watch. Perhaps one is for fashion, another is for sports, another is because it goes with that loud outfit that your wife has tried to make you get rid of.

Whatever the case may be, there are lots of reasons why someone would have more than Apple Watch. Remember, this is a fashion device; fashion warrants variety.

The future

There will eventually be an Apple Watch 2, just like there will eventually be an iPhone 7. When the iPhone 7 comes out, the iPhone 6s doesn’t cease to exist, just like the original Apple Watch will continue to live on once its next iteration launches. In that case, having the ability to pair more than one Apple Watch at a time definitely makes sense. Whether or not this change signals that the Apple Watch 2 is close to release is anyone’s guess.

Do you own more than one Apple Watch? What do you think about Apple’s decision to allow multiple Apple Watch pairings with a single iPhone? Did this post help clear up any misunderstandings? Drop me a line down below.