How to block users on Vine, report abuse and flag sensitive content

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If you’re a Vine fan, chances are you have, or will encounter unwanted comments on the videos you post to the service. This can be especially worrisome if your vines are set to public, as anyone can read NSFW language in comments.

Of course, you can delete comments posted through Vine’s iPhone app at any time. But if someone is repeatedly showing abusive behavior toward your followers and spamming you in comments, you should block them.

Though this won’t block the user from commenting on your posts when they’re viewed through searches or hash tags, it will prevent them from following or messaging you on Vine. In this post, you are going to learn how to block a user on Vine, report abusive behavior and flag sensitive media.

How to block a Vine user

Step 1: Launch Vine’s mobile app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Navigate to a user’s profile or one of their posts.

Step 3: Tap the ellipsis icon in the upper right and select Block or report.

Step 4: Now select Block in the menu and tap the Block button at the bottom.

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This prevents the user from following you, viewing your profile and messaging you.

However, they will still be able to view and comment on your videos that appear in popular results for search tags. To report unwanted comments or abusive behavior, follow the instructions below.

How to report abuse and flag posts on Vine

Step 1: Launch Vine’s mobile app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Navigate to sensitive content that you wish to flag for review.

Step 3: Hit the ellipsis icon below the post and select Block or report.

Step 4: Now select File a report in the menu and select why you wish to flag this post.

Pre-populated entries include “I’m not interested in this Vine”, “It’s spam”, “It’s explicit, graphic or sexual content” and “It’s abusive or harmful.”

Vine may add or remove these entires in the future.

Step 5: Tap the Report button at the bottom.

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Doing so will prompt Vine’s editorial team to review reported content.

If the review process determines that the media in question is indeed sensitive, Vine users will be required to click through a warning message before media is displayed to them.

What if my account gets suspended?

You can also report abuse through Vine’s contact form on the web.

“Vine is a platform for a broad range of expression including spontaneous moments, hilarious jokes, and meaningful events,” the company explains, meaning that explicit graphic content is not allowed on the service.

Those who violate Vine’s rules are at risk of being suspended.

Severe or repeated violation of this policy may result in permanent suspension. Should someone repeatedly flag your content on Vine and the service suspends your account as a result, you’ll need to submit an appeal using the support form.

Your account will be eligible for restoration after violating posts have been removed from Vine and you certify that the account complies with the Vine Rules.

Check out Vine Rules and Graphic Content FAQ for more information.

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