Sidefari, Ubongo, Remember, and more apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

If you are reading this, then you made it through Thanksgiving and Black Friday. After surviving the biggest shopping day of the year, you deserve a treat. It’s time to relax and enjoy an afternoon without the family (unless the family is still visiting).

We’ve got a list of apps and games that you can treat yourself with this weekend. Treat yourself while you can. Christmas is around the corner and all of your free time and money will be spent on someone else soon enough.

The Whispered World Special Edition

The Whispered World

The Whispered World is a 2009 point-and-click adventure game made popular on PC. It follows the story of Sadwick, a clown that doesn’t exactly make you smile. He sets out on a dangerous adventure with his companion Spot to save the world from crumbling to dust. Sadwick has the unique ability to change his form to help him solve different types of puzzles. The game features hand-painted backgrounds for a stylized visual aesthetic. This game is available on the iPad for $7.99.



With iOS 9, users can take advantage of split screen multitasking on the iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and iPad mini 4. One thing split screen users may have noticed is that you can’t use the same app in both screens. But, what if you wanted to view two different Safari web pages at the same time? That’s exactly what this app does. Instead of having to launch a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox, simply tap on the Sidefari companion and view a second web page in Safari. This app is available on compatible iPads for $0.99.



The tile-based board game Ubongo is now available in digital form. If your holiday tradition involves playing this board game together, you can now do it without having to be at the same table together. Players try to match shapes to a grid in the fastest time possible. If you are the first to complete your puzzle, you get your choice of gems. The digital version has additional shapes and single-player mode for additional fun. This game is available for $2.99.

Kuvert – Swedish Envelopes


Synth musicians can use this iPad app to customize the audio parameters of their tracks with low and high cut filters, glitches, and delays. You can draw them onto the loop graph, or adjust them using the digital knobs. Alter the tracks separately, or send looped material through the filter for even more interesting effects. Thanks to Inter App Audio compatibility, you can send your new sounds to other compatible music apps. Or, use Audiobus 2 for real-time mixing. This app is on sale for $4.99.

Remember – The Game


Just like you’d imagine, Remember is a brain training game. It uses three modes to help you work out your mind. Recall makes you remember gestures in a specific order. Rush requires fast thinking and fast reactions. Repeat pushes you to complete as many gestures as possible in a minute and a half. Play these games each day and your brain will get the fitness that it needs. Too bad you can use Apple Watch to track your mind workout. This game is available for $0.99.

Animated Emoji Keyboard – GIFs

Animated Emoji GIFs

Are you jealous of those fun little animated emojis that your friends send you from their Apple Watch? Well, now you can share the same emotions from your iPhone or iPad. This third-party keyboard app lets you send 166 different animated emojis as GIFs that look exactly like Apple Watch’s hearts, faces, and hands. You can even pick your colors with red or yellow faces and red, blue, or purple hearts. This app is available for $0.99.

One Button Travel

One Button Travel

TheCodingMonkeys, the guys behind the popular puzzle game Rules, are back with what they are calling an “interactive fiction.” The rest of us call it a choose-your-own adventure game. This one has a nice style with a minimalist graphic flare. The story takes you into an adventure where you must make decisions about social issues we face in current times, but with a futuristic twist. This game is available for $2.99.

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