Snapchat’s new Story Explorer provides more depth to every Snap in a Story

Snapchat Story Explorer image 001

Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat today announced a brand new feature called Story Explorer that was designed to provide additional context behind every Snap in a Story.

Celebrating the power of different perspectives, Story Explorer goes beyond the Snaps that the company curates into Stories. Built on proprietary technology, this feature least you simply swipe up on a Story to see more Snaps of that same moment, from every perspective.

“It’s the first time you’ll be able to experience that incredible game-winning dunk from thousands of perspectives throughout the stadium—or feel like you’re right there on the scene when breaking news unfolds,” the company explains.

Here’s Story Explorer in action.


The Story Explorer feature is launching today on the New York and Los Angeles Live Stories. They’re planning on rolling out this technology across many more Stories “very soon.”

Snapchat is available free in the App Store.

Source: Snapchat